Q: When can I pick up the rental?

A: Rentals can be picked up 9am the day of your scheduled rental.


Q: What time are rentals due to be returned?

A: Rentals are due back by 5pm the last day of the rental.


Q: What happens if the rental is not returned on time?

A: There’s a fee if the rental is not returned at the designated time.  If the rental is not returned by 5pm, the renter is responsible for an additional day rental fee.


Q: Is there a security deposit require for the rentals?

A: Yes, each side x side requires a $2500 deposit. All deposits will be refunded if the machine returns in the same condition it left.


Q: What are the requirements to rent?

A: Renters are required to be at least 25 years of age, have a valid drivers license and credit card.


Q: What is needed to make a reservation?

A: We require $200 per unit, per day to secure your reservation.  Until we receive the deposit, the unit will be available on a first come first serve basis.


Q: What’s your cancellation policy?

A: The $200 reservation deposit is only refundable if you cancel within 14 calendar days in advance from the date of pickup. Cancellations less than 14 calendar days or holiday weekends do not qualify for a refund.


Q: Do the machines come with paddle tires?

A: Yes, we try to provide paddle tires for all our machines but they are only available on a first come first served basis.


Q: What kind of experience do I need to have?

A: You have to be an experienced operator of the vehicle to be rented. We are not responsible for mishaps due to inexperience.


Q: What happens if the vehicle breaks down?

A: If the vehicle breaks due to abuse, you will be held responsible for the cost to recover the unit, cost to repair the unit, and if the unit cannot be fixed you will loose the remaining rental period. If the malfunction was not your fault, we offer a replacement machine or refund for rental time loss, or rental credit for future rentals and you are not held responsible for repair costs.


Q: What happens if the vehicle gets damaged in an accident?

A: The security deposit will be secured to go towards the damage repair and/or insurance deductible. An insurance claim will be opened if the damage exceeds the security deposit. If the damage is less than the security deposit we will refund the remaining balance after all repair expenses have been paid. If insurance does not cover down time you will be charged for the days the machine is down that it could have been rented for up to 8 days. You will also loose out on any remaining rental days.


Q. What comes with the rental?

A. We provide helmets and 1 spare belt with tools and instructions to change the belt. We do not provide gas cans and do not allow gas cans in the back of the units due to fire hazards.